How implementation guidelines are seen to assist in the implementation of the project linked subsidy programme

Janse van Rensburg, Hendrik Jacobus
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The Housing Subsidy Scheme in South Africa is directed by the implementation guidelines contained in the National Housing Code 2000. These compulsory guidelines are purpose made to cater for all development conditions. While the guidelines prescribe detailed procedures for undertaking subsidised housing projects, they also introduce control measures. Notwithstanding the evolution of the implementation guidelines, the nature and content thereof have been criticised by some. This research interrogates the aptness of Housing: MINMEC’s1 decision in 2006 to move away from detailed compulsory implementation guidelines and to introduce open ended implementation guidelines that allow for discretion at a project level. Day to day implementers of housing projects express a need for detailed prescriptive guidelines and value its contribution. This serves as a barometer to determine the benefits of detailed compulsory versus open ended implementation guidelines. The result of the research highlights the need to address changing circumstances in the implementation guidelines, but makes the case that compulsory implementation guidelines should apply.