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communications regulatory framework, regulatory effectiveness, institutional endowment, regulatory governance, regulatory incentives, regulatory purpose, competitiveness, regulatory independence, perception studies, Namibia (1)
competition analysis, competition regulation, market reviews, ex ante regulation, ex post regulation, telecommunications sector, piped gas sector, South Africa (1)
competition policy, competition law, telecommunications sector reform, consumer welfare, Zambian telecommunications sector (1)
complexity science, complex adaptive systems (CAS), digital economy, digital complexity ecosystem, Southern African Development Community (SADC), electronic communications regulation, economic regulation, social regulation, concurrent regulatory jurisdiction, mobile financial services, Internet of Things (IoT), e-health (1)
Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act, Kenya, internet intermediaries, intermediary liability, cybercrime (1)
computing sciences (CS); gamification; Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics (MDA) classification framework; usability; user experience (UX); educational usability (1)
conceptual architecture, knowledge exchange, species identification, crowdsourcing, knowledge transfer, ontology in information systems (1)
copyright, copyright infringements, internet services providers (ISPs), internet intermediaries, intermediary liability, safe harbours, notice-and-takedown, Kenya, Copyright Act, Copyright (Amendment) Bill (1)
copyright, limitations and exceptions, filmmaking, fair dealing, fair use, South Africa, user rights (1)
corporate communications, narrative styles, CEO shareholder letters, institutional isomorphism, South Africa (1)

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