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  • Nabarro, F.R.N. (Royal Society of London, 1940)
    If the process in metals results simply in the interchange of pairs of atoms large strains must be set up when a new phase prcipitates in an alloy. The strain energy involved is calculated for particles of precipitate of ...
  • Nabarro, F.R.N. (Physical Society, 1940)
    An estimate is given of the way in which the strain energy associated with a particle of precipitate depends upon the shape of the particle. It is shown that the energy can only be reduced if the precipitate forms in flat ...
  • Mott, N.F.; Nabarro, F.R.N. (Physical Society, 1940)
    The process of diffusion being assumed to result simply in an interchange of atoms, an estimate is made of the internal strains produced by precipitation. According to the dislocation theory these strains are responsible ...
  • Frohlich, H.; Nabarro, F.R.N. (Royal Society of London, 1940)
    In connexion with the possible use of nuclear magnetism for the magnetic cooling method, the behaviour of the nuclear spins of monovalent metals at very low temperatures is investigated theoretically.
  • Nabarro, F.R.N. (Physical Society, 1946)
    The theoretical relation between the lattice strains produced by precipitation in a mineral and the corresponding increase in hardness is extended to the case of lattice strains in metallic solid solutions. The elastic ...
  • Nabarro, F.R.N. (Institute of Metals, 1947)
    A general review is given of recent work on diffusion and precipitation in alloys, with special emphasis on the theoretical mechanism of diffusion, and on the factors governing the shape and size of the precipitate. The ...
  • Nabarro, F.R.N. (Physical Society, 1947)
    The properties of dislocations are calculated by an approximate method due to Peierls. The width of a dislocation is small, displacements comparable with the interatomic distance being confined to a few atoms. The shear ...
  • Frohlich, H; Nabarro, F.R.N. (Physical Society, 1947)
    It is shown that at sufficiently low temperatures metals become ferromagnetic owing to an orientation of the nuclear spins. The domain structure of such ferromagnetics is analogous to that of ordinary ferromagnetics.
  • Nabarro, F.R.N. (Institute of Metals, 1947-10)
    Four recent papers by Laszlo on "Tessellated Stresses, Parts I-IV" published in the Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute, are reviewed in detail. The present review contains no new results.
  • Mott, N.F.; Nabarro, F.R.N. (Physical Society, 1948)
    The purpose of this paper is to put forward certain advances in the theory of dislocations, and in particular to discuss their application to the theory of transient creep, in the sense in which the term is used by Andrade ...
  • Nabarro, F.R.N. (Physical Society, 1948)
    Snoek has shown that when carbon atoms move from one possible set of interstitial sites in the lattice of a-iron to another set they cause shear strains. Cottrell has shown that the stress around a dislocation may be ...
  • Nabarro, Professor Frank (2004)
    Curriculum vitae of Professor F.R.N. Nabarro, compiled in 2004
  • Fauvelle-Aymar, F-X; Sadr, K; Bon, F; Gronenborn, D (Africa Magna Verlag, Frankfurt M., 2006)
    The Europeans who landed on the shores of the South African Cape from the late 15th century onwards encountered local herders whom they later referred to as the Hottentots (now known as the Khoekhoe). There are written ...
  • Hall, G.; Pickering, R.; Lacruz, R.; Hancox, J.; Berger, L.R.; Schmid, P. (Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), 2006-03)
    WE DESCRIBE A SINGLE HANDAXE FROM fossiliferous breccias at Gladysvale Cave, South Africa. The artefact is the only known tool so far discovered during the controlled excavations conducted at this site over the last decade, ...
  • Every, Professor Arthur (2006-07-25)
    Obituary on Professor Nabarro written by Professor Arthur Every, School of Physics
  • Every, Arthur George (Professor A.G. Every, 2006-08-28)
    Resume of Professor A.G Every, Emeritus Professor, School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • Every, Arthur George (2006-08-28)
    List of Publications of Prof A.G. Every
  • Beichelt, F.; Nkadimeng, R.M.; Yadavalli, S.S. (Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), 2006-11)
    This paper considers two replacement policies for systems which, during their useful life, are subject to deterioration. Strategy 1: after a failure, the repair cost is estimated. If the repair cost exceeds a given limit, ...
  • Berger, L.R.; Kuhn, B.F.; Steininger, C. (Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), 2008-03)
    A partial hominin skull (COB 101) was identified in the fossil collections of the Transvaal Museum, Pretoria, attributed to the Cooper's Cave site in South Africa. The find represents the most complete hominin specimen ...
  • Coetzer, K.L.; Erasmus, B.F.N.; Witkowski, E.T.F.; Bachoo, A.K. (Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), 2010-07)
    This paper is a first step towards a conservation plan for the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Reserve K2C) on the South African Central Lowveld, quantifying the historical land-cover trends 1993-2006). During the analysis ...

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