Making Better Decisions: Impact Measurement and Management in South Africa

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Bertha Center, Impact Investing, CLEAR-AA
The objective of the initiative is to drive more return seeking capital into businesses addressing the major development needs of SA. This is achieved through the actions of three working groups, Supply of Capital (increasing supply across investment spectrum), Demand for Capital (increasing pipeline of investable businesses) and Impact Measurement Management (IMM). The Objectives of the IMM working group, Chaired by Prof Dugan Fraser (WITS CLEAR-AA) and Dr Susan de Witt (UCT GSB Bertha Centre) and comprised of representatives from across the financial sector include: • Develop market overview with opportunities and challenges • Identify and support emerging areas of coalescence in the local and international market • Develop roadmap for relevant stakeholder groups for implementation of impact measurement and management recommendations • Ensure Impact integrity in market to prevent impact washing The IISA is the first African affiliate of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG). The GSG was established in 2015 as the successor to and incorporating the work of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established under the UK’s presidency of the G8. The GSG currently has more than 30 member countries.
Impact Measurement and Management , Impact Investment