Poetry from an Indigenous Perspective

Poetry from an Indigenous Perspective


The poet and participant, Francine Simon, does not have her own website. However she is published on a number of literary sites. Reviews of her debut collection and interviews with her are also available. The links are listed below. Reviews and Interviews: 1. uHlanga Press Thungachi: http://uhlangapress.co.za/francine-simon-thungachi 2. uHlanga Press Shark: http://uhlangapress.co.za/francine-simon-shark 3. Thungachi Book Review: https://wawabookreview.com/the-modern-african-woman-in-francine-simons-thungachi/ 4. Previous interview published online: https://10and5.com/2017/03/08/poet-francine-simon-speaks-about-her-debut-collection-thungachi/ 5. Filmed Interview and poetry reading on AVBOB I wish I’d Said pilot episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga5kexHib0Q Digitally Published Poems: 2020: Ja. Magazine: https://medium.com/ja-magazine/poetry-two-poems-by-francine-simon-ce778a65da3f 2019: The Poetry Foundation: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/francine-simon Ja. Magazine: https://medium.com/ja-magazine/poetry-ghost-506948b3bf9b Ja. Magazine: https://medium.com/ja-magazine/poetry-blue-bfea7de45728 Kalahari Review: https://kalaharireview.com/basking-2ef86f70b1ec 2018: Ja. Magazine: https://medium.com/ja-magazine/poetry-greenland-f319dafd615c Kalahari Review: https://kalaharireview.com/ritual-927d265d689c 2017: Ja. Magazine: https://medium.com/ja-magazine/poetry-20-and-cup-and-saucer-ef691e391ce4 Kalahari Review: https://kalaharireview.com/sugar-cane-chicken-curry-e519f76782f6 The Johannesburg Review of Books: https://johannesburgreviewofbooks.com/2017/08/07/two-poems-by-francine-simon/ 2016: Type/Cast: https://typecastjournal.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/three-poems-by-francine-simon/ Social Media Handles: 1. Instagram: @francinesimon13 2. Twitter: @WriterGirlRose


4. Data Sharing: Terms of Use and Restrictions The following is a list of conditions given to the researcher as per agreement with the participant (stated on the participant consent form), and as per agreement between the researcher and the Wits Ethics Committee. The ethics application form and clearance certificate thereof, is attached. • Confidential sections of the interview to be edited out and deleted. Submitted data files are final and do not contain confidential material. • Photographs taken at the discretion of the participant on the days of the interviews. Use of the photographs in the dissertation is permitted, although they were not used. • The interviewee/participant, Francine Simon, reserves the right to request the transcripts, audio files and photographs at any point during or after the research. The final transcripts and photographs were emailed to Simon prior to the final ETD submission, and no objections were raised. • Excerpts of the interview transcripts are used in the dissertation, however, due to length and relevance, the majority of the transcripts were not used. The Wits Ethics Committee permits the researcher to use any part of the original transcribed material for future academic publications, and need not be limited to the excerpts used in the dissertation only. • The following individuals are allowed access to the aforementioned data files, as per the Wits Ethics Committee: Arushani Govender (the researcher), Francine Simon (the participant), Prof. Denise Newfield and Associate Prof. Barbara Boswell (supervisors), and the relevant examination committee. Presently the ethical clearance certificate granted does not cover data access permissions for any other member. • In order for access to be granted to the NRF or any other individual, a new consent form must be drawn up stipulating new terms of use, and is to be signed by the participant and submitted to the Ethics Committee. O

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