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  • Bowman, B; Hook, D (DOAJ, 2010-03)
    The narratives that constitute the beginnings of an apartheid archive do well to illustrate the value of collecting, centralising and analysing everyday accounts of apartheid’s subjects. Developing an archive of narratives ...
  • Mataga, Daphney (2018)
    Palliative care plays an important role in improving quality of life for people and family members affected by life-threatening illness. The primary aims of the study were to explore the perspectives of primary caregivers ...
  • Nell, Sylvia D. (Johannesburg College of Education, 1960-09)
  • Van der Mark, Maria (Johannesburg College of Education, 1988-03)
  • Kapfudza, Tafadzwa (2017)
    Social work field instruction is crucial in social work training and it is regarded as a centrally important aspect of social work. It enables the students to practice skills and know the values of the profession that guide ...
  • Phawe, Kelebogile (2016)
    The rates of teenage pregnancy in South Africa remain high. Teenage pregnancy is a risk factor for disruption of education, future unemployment, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, preterm birth and poor mental health ...
  • Masinire, A.; Sanchez-Cruz, E. (2020)
    One of the critical indicators of a gender equal society is the proportional and balanced representation of male and female in all spheres of life. Within the higher education sector in Mexico, gender transformation and ...
  • Bore, Nomazondo Joyce (2018)
    In South Africa access to education for black racially categorized students remains difficult due to discrimination based on their social and economic class. Students from the lower economic class mainly rely on the aid ...
  • De Clercq, F. (2020)
    It is acknowledged that educational inequalities persist in South Africa 25 years after the advent of democracy in 1994, but the debate about the causes and solutions to poor education performance continues. Could the ...
  • Wally Morrow; L.I. Bertyn; Johan Muller; Mary Crewe; J.H. Coetzee; Mel Siff; Elaine Lee; Leon Benade; David Agar (University of the Witwatersrand, 1983-07)
  • Linda Chisholm; Mastin Prinsloo; Chris Breen; Bill Nasson; Charlie Nwandula; Frans Meijers; Penny Enslin; Melanie Walker; History Materials Development Group; Luli Callinicos; Cynthia Kros; Joe Muller; Tony Morphet (University of the Witwatersrand, 1988-06)
  • Linda Chisholm; Mastin Prinsloo; Clive Glaser; Peter Kallaway; David Brown; John Wright; Carolyn Hamilton; Helen Webster; Jonathan Hyslop; Rupert Taylor (University of the Witwatersrand, 1988-09)
  • Chisholm, Linda; Prinsloo, Mastin; Gultig, John; Hart, Mike; Evans, Ivan; Randall, Peter; Dzebu, Mbere; Walker, Melanie; Brown, David; Vilakazi, Herbert; Craig, Anita; Sayed, Yusuf; Vadi, Ismail (University of the Witwatersrand, 1989)
  • Chisholm, Linda; Prinsloo, Mastin; Vadi, Ismail; Grundlingh, Albert; Kros, Cynthia; Beale, Em; Murray, Bruce K.; Rees, J.; Lowry, S.; Proctor, Andre; Rassool, Ciraj; Witz, Lesley; Fullard, Madeleine; Minkley, Gary; Rousseau, Nicky; Bickford-Smith, Vivienne; Wells, Julia; Edgar, Robert; Hamilton, Carolyn (University of the Witwatersrand, 1990)
  • Chisholm, Linda; Levin, Richard; Moolla, Nadeen; Eckstein, Spencer; Cross, Michael; De Clercq, Francine; Drummond, J.H.; Paterson, A.N.M.; Wolpe, Harold; Unterhalter, Elaine; Wolff, Robert Paul; Apple, Michael; Karodia, Said; McGurk, Neil J.; Appel, Stephen; Jansen, Jonathan; Mpati, Cynthia (University of the Witwatersrand, 1991)
  • Linda Chisholm; Cyril Julie; Jane Castle; Jill Adler; Chris Breen; A.P. Craig; P.A. Winter; Nick Taylor; Mokubung Nkomo; Mary Metcalfe; Leon Tikly; Annemarie Martinson; Ismail Vadi; John Pampallis; Wendy Colyn (University of the Witwatersrand, 1991)
  • Shirley Pendlebury; Robert Morrell; Ken Harley; E.C. Webster; J.P. Leger; Brahm Fleisch; Pippa Stein; Hilary Janks; Mary Metcalfe; Mokubung Nkomo; Ismail Vadi; D. Chetty; M. Monyokolo; B. Soobrayan; Linda Chisholm; Francine de Clercq; Peter Randall (University of the Witwatersrand, 1992)
  • Shirley Pendlebury; Anne Mager; Nazir Carrim; Yusuf Sayed; Wendy Flanagan; Lindy Stiebel; Tim Quinlan; Dianne Raubenheimer; Ismail Vadi; Daniel Plaatjies; Cynthia Kros; Shirley Sebokwane; Dhianaraj Chetty; Stephen Appel (University of the Witwatersrand, 1992)
  • Shirley Pendlebury; David Thelen; David Donald; Anthony Holiday; Steven Segal; Michael Young; Kenneth King; AnnMarie Wolpe; L. Ganie; E. Prinsloo; Ben Parker; Stephen Appel; Randall van den Heever; Robert Morrell (University of the Witwatersrand, 1993)
  • Shirley Pendlebury; AnnMarie Wolpe; Penny Enslin; Robert Morrell; Ann McLennan; Vivienne Bozalek; Jackie Sunde; Shirley Sebakwane; Paula Ensor; Shirley Walters; Debbie Budlender; Alletta Norval; Cynthia Kros; Michael Apple (University of the Witwatersrand, 1993)

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