The dynamics of rural accumulation in South Africa: Comparative and historical perspectives

Keegan, Timothy
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The view that the opening up of Africa by metropolitan capitalism, more particularly during the period of direct colonial rule, was bound to lead through evolutionary stages to economic development and modernisation, has long since fallen into scholarly disrepute. In the atmosphere of radical pessimism that has pervaded academic perspectives on Africa since independence, an altogether more sceptical view of the beneficence of Africa's integration into imperial economies has prevailed. But as is so often the case in scholarly debate, thesis and antithesis occupy the same battle-ground, and both tend to view the world through similar lenses (1). What modernisation and underdevelopment theories have in common is the assumption of a single universal dynamic in the making of the modern world.
African Studies Seminar series. Paper presented 18 March, 1985
Agriculture. Economic aspects. South Africa. History , Land tenure. South Africa. History , South Africa. Rural conditions