Community empowerment through participation in the land development objective implementation : Khayalami Metropolitan Council

Lediga, Makhudu
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Evolution of planning theories since the turn of the century, reveals the need for the planning profession to conform to the demands of the fast and ever changing world. The planning profession in South Africa is currently faced with the mammoth task of redressing the legacy of apartheid planning. In an attempt to redress the legacy of apartheid planning the government. promulgated the Development Facilitation Act (DFA), Act 67 of 1995. The DFA principles by their very nature focus on the previously disadvantaged groups of the population. In order to implement the DFA principles, the Land Development Objectives (LDOs) are a relevant tool. This study focuses on community empowerment through participation in the implementation of the LDOs in Kempton Park / Tembisa. The overriding objective is to establishing how the implementation of the LDOs could empower the local communities. Furthermore the study seeks to establish the areas of intervention in the LDO implementation process. In providing a strategy for such areas, communities should participate in the development process, In conclusion, the study focuses on the role of planners in addressing problems identified in the LDO implementation process. Such roles include mediation, advocacy, advisor, catalyst etc.
Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Architecture, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Development Planning.
Land use -- South Africa., Local government -- Citizen participation., Community power -- South Africa.