Evaluating the Effects of Spatial Politics of Public Transportation in Johannesburg: A Focus on Bus Systems

Mthimkulu, Noluthando
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University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
The importance of effective and efficient public transport systems in developing cities has become a topic of focus. Here, the research report seeks to investigate the spatial politics of public transport systems in the city of Johannesburg. With a spatial and social structure that remains sprawled and separated, there is an inherent need to discuss the value of public transport systems and their role in integrating and transforming the city. The research attempts to provide an enlightening overview of bus systems in the city, particularly the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit, Metrobus and Public Utility Transport Corporation and to discover whether they have a place in the city’s future urban form. It does this through exploring notions of access, integration, resilience and transformation and how public transport routes are affected by bureaucratic and spatial decisions. I argue that public transport has the power to shape the city’s urban form and social structure. This leads to how the disjuncture in the system affects daily commuters and anyone who is required to interact with public transport. There are many different recommendations that are made to facilitate better systems. These include better infrastructure and providing more forms of access in public transport. I also recommend, at a more cognitive level, the changing of perceptions. In coda, the research provides final evaluation of what has been discussed with regards to having more effective public transport systems.
Planning Honours Report 2015, Wits University
public transport, spatial politics, Johannesburg, spatial integration and transformation, bus systems, Rea Vaya, urban governance
Mthimkulu, N (2015). Evaluating the Effects of Spatial Politics of Public Transportation in Johannesburg: A Focus on Bus Systems, Johannesburg